About Pineapple Dreamers

Why I Created Pineapple Dreamers

Pineapple Dreamers was created with the customer in mind. We based it off our own personal experiences. We wanted to make sure everyone can try different types of CBD/Hemp products without spending so much extra money for things they aren’t familiar with.

One thing we learned is that no one is the same! Well duh, we all know that. But what I mean is someone may find a product that they prefer while someone else may prefer another product. Each product may specialize in different things and effect each person differently. For example, you won't use a cream that's for inflammation to help with your anxiety. There are so many different types of products out there and different dosages. So it's a huge learning curve and can get really expensive. This is why we do what we do and we hope you enjoy your monthly subscription and find the products that best fit your personal needs.

Our Journey

My husband and I were talking one day while we were driving. I came up with the sample subscription box. So I told him I wanted to start it next year. By the next week my husband surprised me with my first and favorite investor, my brother-in-law!! it was the best Mother's Day gift ever!! 

Right away, I got everything I needed! I was ready to go. That was until I kept getting denied for business checking accounts and payment processing accounts. I was devastated but I kept going. After about a month, I had a checking account! I was so excited! Then within a few weeks, I had a payment processor! By this time, I was over the moon with excitement! During that time, I had my website up and just waiting for all my ducks to be in a row to launch. So I had all my ducks now and just had to add the payment processor to my website. Then boom! They don't accept my payment processor! I wasn't expecting that!!  So, back to the drawing board and here you are reading on my launched website!! I couldn't be happier! 

Through that journey, I learned how hard it is for companies to get their name out there! not only was it just being able to launch, but social media and advertising is a whole other monster to conquer.  

Now I know my box isn't just for the customer that I only had in mind when creating it, but for the CBD companies out there! It's a great way to advertise and get their names out there!

Our Personal Experience

My husband is a Disabled Veteran and suffers from anything between migraines, body aches, anxiety, depression, and more. He wanted something that was not a pill that would alter who he really is as a person. He was looking for something that allows him to be "okay" on a daily basis. When we found out that CBD was legal where we live we started to see what was out there. We began doing research, going to shops, and buying different things. It was getting expensive because we didn't know about the dosages or how everything could have different reactions for everyone. We purchased some products that helped him, and some that didn't help as much. Those we ended up letting other people try. After months, we found what works best for him. But honestly, he still loves trying different things because there is always something different coming out! There are so many flavors and types that he finds a new favorite probably every month. So, the journey really never ends!!